Saturday, April 18, 2015

Lunch With Friends

We went down to Yuba city and had lunch with Larry & Marilyn Forbes.DSCN0816

We talked about some old times, present and future.  It’s always nice getting with them but it seems it’s getting shorter and shorter.  Take care guys….

While we were eating I was recording NASCAR and the little guys racing today.  The big boys race tomorrow.  One thing wrong with today’s recording.  It ran over and I missed the last 40 laps.  I guess Logano won.

My foot… It’s better.  I got to put a very loose sock on it today.  I didn’t use the walker hardly at all.  Yes, one of Carol’s line dancing buddies gave me a walker to use and I really needed it yesterday and the day before.  Now I just limp real bad.  Worse than Chester.  He was marshal Dillon’s side kick on the TV series Gunsmoke for you old farts that can still remember or reruns for you youngins.

Larry told about putting all my pictures in one album in Pasca so I did.  Now he will have to set thru my slide show of  2,230 pictures of just the 2014 Alaska trip.

Hey, who turned up the fuel prices in the last two days.  It went up between 5 cents and a dime around here.

See ya……………