Saturday, April 11, 2015

Palm Heart

Cleaned the bugs off the front of the RV before the sun hit it.  I don’t like leaving the bug on for more that a day or two at the most.  Harder to get off and the little things start to leave their marks on the Diamond Shield. DSC_0001

The cat loved watching these lizards.DSC_0002-001

Here’s David yard with the cat tent setting in the grass.  DSC_0002

And here’s David, my cousin.DSC_0004

We (Carol) locked us out of the RV.  We called Coach-Net who immediately came out.  After about a half hour of trying to get keys to fit and attempting to pick the lock he gave up.  We pushed some side window screens in and taped two 6 foot bamboo sticks together and went for the keys laying on the dash.  Mission accomplished on the second attempt.  The locksmith looked at the door key and said it was a special key.  Special meaning it’s a special designed security key made by Trimark  and the lock can not be picked and a locksmith do not have a base key.  Not the usual Trimark type key.  He highly recommended get several more from Winnebago.  Our spare key was in the bike trailer which was locked and the keys to it were in the RV too.  No cost using Coach-Net.

David fixed us something special.  Palm Heart.  It’s the heart of a Palm Tree.  He boiled it forever and then we ate it with mayo.  Just like artichoke.   It’s very expensive and hard to find.  People don’t cut down palm trees to get this because the trees themselves are so expensive.   DSC_0005 DSC_0006

We also had ribeye and NY strip for dinner.

See ya…..