Monday, April 13, 2015

Mama Goes Harley Riding

Carol said yes to riding the Harley trike down to Yuba City to go line dancing at the Escapees WARE Rally.  It was 8:30 AM and 43 degrees out.  Yes, all bundled up she looked like the Pillsbury dough boy.  We got to the WARE and shed headed for the line dancing immediately.  I just farted around and met some friends with no problems what so ever.  When the line dancing over we met up with Larry & Marilyn Forbes who were attending the rally.  Notice the name above Marilyn.  That was not planned but looks neat.DSCN0813

We had lunch together and shared each others future plans like RVers do while on the road.

Carol & I decided then to go on to Beale AFB and check it out.  Someplace to ride.  Beale is out away from town and the base itself is stretched out.

We got there and checked out their campground.  We will be here in two weeks for a week then back to Lake Of The Springs. 

We went out the back gate and ended up in Smartville off route 20.  We didn’t see anyone that was smart so we headed back towards our campground.

We stopped at the Oregon House post office and picked up our mail from Livingston.  We had a nice check which was refund from our extended warranty on the bike I traded in.  Plus, Carol got her 18-300mm Nikon lens she’s been waiting for.  It’s gonna be nice.

The total bike trip was about 100 miles.  It did get warmer in the day but the winds kicked our butts.  Carol liked the back country and mountain roads.

Back at the campsite we were invaded by deer. DSC_0018 DSC_0019    DSC_0024 DSC_0027

Then a real hungry kitty came by to eat the food we sat out for it.DSC_0028

This kitty wanted to know what was up with giving her food away.DSC_0011

Better shot of our site.  Pine trees smell so nice.  The wind blowing through their limbs sounds like the ocean beach…. blah blah blah….DSC_0013

We don’t have Internet or cell phone service here.  We have to drive about a mile to the top of the hill to get minimum service.  So, I posted blogs going back to Saturday that you might want to take a look at….

See ya.