Saturday, April 4, 2015

Cut This……..

The RV park here wants all RV jacks on boards.  We went down to Home Depot about 20 miles away.  I found a nice 2X10 8 ft long board for about 7 bucks.  They do free cuts.  I figured I would get it cut in 16” lengths.  I asked the worker if he could cut it for me.  Of course their cutting machine was broke so I didn’t get the lumber.  I figure I will return next week and bring Carol’s battery operated sawsall and cut it there.

Back at the RV I decide it was time to try and put my new tent up.  About 20 minutes later in the wind it was up.  It took another 10 minutes to put it away.  It’s a lot easier than the other tent I have.  This one is a keeper.

I got a porter house steak out to cook on the barbee for dinner.  It was frozen from October.  It was still good plus some corn on the cob and taters.  Love those cook out dinners.

I talked to Jean and Claudette earlier.  They got about 4,400 miles on their Polaris Slingshot 3 wheeler.  They love it.  Next month they’re going on a 11K mile trip contest in 20 days to all four corners of the U.S.  Whoa, that’s a trip.

It got down to 41 degrees last night but that was still alright.  The hippy dippy weatherman is calling for some rain this week coming up.  Shame on him.   Carol wanted to go on some bike rides.

See ya……….