Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Taxes Done Early

Hey, it’s the day before taxes are due (Tuesday 14th) and I just sent them off into the wild blue yonder (internet).  Does that mean I did them early or what?  We’re getting back a whooping $43 and no I didn’t want to contribute to the Presidential Campaign.  They didn’t contribute to me buying my American made Harley motorcycle.

Carol went line dancing first thing here at the campground. 

I haven’t washed the bugs off the front end of the RV like I usually do after traveling from point A to point B.  Maybe tomorrow.

Next we went to Walmart.  I needed DEF for the RV.  I was just about out and the warning lights were a nuisance just before getting to Yuba City Sunday.  I carry 2 two and half gallons containers.  My DEF Freightliner tank holds 11 gallons.  Some hold less.  I called Freightliner some time ago with my VIN to verify the amount.  I had people telling me it was less based on their tanks.  It’s been over 2,000 miles since I last filled it up which was in Livingston, TX in December.  The gauge itself read just under an 1/8th of a tank before I filled it.DSC_0002

I put in almost 10 gallons.  Now I got a full one and small part of another box in reserve.DSC_0001

We were invaded again with deer.  Can you see the one sleeping in the site next to us?  Very well hidden but not?DSC_0003 

DSC_0006 DSC_0008 DSC_0010 DSC_0012

Then along came two skittish kitties.  We’re not suppose to feed the animals.  Cats aren’t animals are they?  Carol says “NO” and feeds them.DSC_0014

See the one deer laying down all curled up now?  Its ears are sticking up.DSC_0004.JPG

Just another day in paradise while RVing……….

See ya…………..