Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sick Again?!

People have asked how’s my foot.  A lot better.  Can’t wear shoes yet but getting close.  Now I have a temperature of 101.  Man, I can’t get out of this sick mode.  I guess Nurse Cratchett (Carol) will med me up.  You know the last few years I’ve seen more Docs than all the years before….total.  Carol said I’m getting old and my body can’t take the abuse I give it anymore….blah…blah…..I think she’s right but don’t tell her.

I still can function with the temperature but just got the blahsays.  We went to the base commissary this morning and that was something I shouldn't have done.  I really felt like I was in Disney land, very light headed for this big head. 

We got back to the rig and I was burnt.  Carol fixed me up with some Acetaminophen.  Later in the day my temperature was gone and I was doing OK.  Of course my foot pain was starting to get worse.  If it isn’t one thing it’s something else.

Towards evening I got out and washed the bugs off the RV front end.  Then I did the windshield as high as I could reach on a short ladder.  Another day for the rest of it.  We sat outside and enjoyed the evening.  The outside temp don’t drop like it did in our lost campground in the evenings.  That’s nice.

This campground on base very quiet except for the gun shooting.  We must be near their shooting range but the noise is faint.  Nowadays and anywhere else it would be a major concern.  Baltimore – Carol & I grew up around there.  It’s a shame, enough said!

See ya…..