Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Back to the Urgent Care/RV tires

We went back to Urgent Care because I wanted to get refills on my foot meds to last until we got back to Livingston and I could see my regular doc if need be.  That’s about 5 weeks away.  Plus I wanted to get a copy of my record from my last visit which included an x-ray and a special blood test.  I got another blood test but Mission was not accomplished as we later found out

Then it was to Sam’s.  Our Jeep tires were wearing in the front from the heavy towing of the bike trailer.  Being a full time RVer we have always used Sam’s or Walmart for tow vehicle tires.  Being nationwide and having lifetime balancing/rotation it’s well worth it.   We got the tires balanced and rotated front to rear, no cost.

For our large RV tires, well, we don’t keep them long enough to need them.  That’s one way but a little expensive.  Our 1999 Winnebago Ultimate we had to buy tires once.  We waited until we were in Oregon because they don’t have sales tax.  We went to Les Schwab a large west coast chain.  Normally we ran Michelin but switched to Toyo tires.  It was a monster saving.  Look at the front tires of big trucks.  They’re usually Toyo's.  I ran Toyo’s when I drove a big truck.  They’re a softer tire and a smoother ride than Michelins.  Now if you abuse your tires like hitting curbs a lot or running off the road, stick with Michelin.

We then went to Walmart to pick up my prescription.  Now it’s been about 2 1/2 hours since called in.  They said oh, we will fill it now.  Twenty minutes we got it.  It was the wrong amount.  The pharmacy said that it was for only 20 days and no refills.  I called the Urgent Care Facility.  They took the message and said someone would call me.  Two hours later I called them back with an attitude.  The receptionist said she had a note that the PA called me and told me she corrected the prescription for one refill of 20 days.  I got hostile.  The PA never called me and I said I wanted to talk to whoever was in charge.  I called the PA an out right liar.  Five minutes late I got a call from somebody.  I told the woman that the PA lied that she talked to me.  She lied to me saying that I would get a prescription of 60 days.  The lady was very nice and just listened.  She said she would have someone call me to get all straighten out.  A few minutes later the PA called me.  She was sorry there was a miss understanding between us.  I told her there was no miss understanding and reminded her exactly what she said (meds for 60 days).  She said that she already called Walmart and added two refills to my meds that say no refills.  I said I’m leaving the state and I need all the meds NOW like I told her earlier.  She said “oh yea” and would call Walmart now and correct it.  I said good and why don’t you call me back when your are sure there are no snags.  She did about 15 minutes later.  During the middle of all this we went back to the rig.  Five hours had passed and my foot was killing me.  My foot got real bad to the point I could hardly walk without major pain.   Tomorrow I or Carol got to go to Walmart and pick up my meds and then Urgent Care to pick up copies of my two appointments that they said would be ready. 

This type of screw up can happen anywhere.  It’s just not because we are in a new area.  The Urgent Care facility and the previous appointment went very well.  It’s this PA today that didn’t have her head screwed on for what ever the reason.

The rest of the evening Carol waited on me because she didn’t want me to holler when I moved around.

Let’s see what happens with my foot.

See ya…………..