Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Carol won’t wait on me anymore so I must be OK and I’m pretty close to being “normal” again.  I tried to put a shoe on and that didn’t happen.  Still tender.

Sharon Piccolo isn’t a RV full timer.  How do you know?  She stepped out of her and husbands RV trailer and must have forgot about having to step down.  She missed all the steps.  She must be use to their home and its steps thus not a full timer.  A full timer has to worry only about one home and its steps.  She fractured her leg.  I think I would rather have a sore toe.  Sharon – get better.  Maybe your hubby can build you a ramp for the RV trailer door.

We met Larry & Marilyn Forbes for dinner down in Yuba City at a place called Lumberjacks.  Three out of four of the meals were either over cooked or under cook.  The service was real good and the prices were just OK.  Won’t be going back any time soon.  We stayed for two hours and fixed most of the world problems at hand.  As usual, it was great.  Not real sure when we will see them again.  It won’t be soon enough for sure.

See ya…….