Thursday, April 30, 2015

RVing W/Medical Problems

Well, this medical stuff is part of RVing because you will be out and about and bam, something will happen.  It just seems to be happening to me more than the average that’s all.  Yes, at times I can be wreck less and some of it is due to just plain old age.  That’s one reason I got a 3 wheel motorcycle at least that’s what I thought.  It can be more wreck less than a two wheeler.

Anyhow, we went to Walmart to pick up the rest of my meds for my foot.  Carol went in because I can’t walk long distances. The PA said she talked to them and it’s all straight.  BS!!!!  The meds weren’t straighten out.    Next stop was Urgent Care.  I wanted to pick up a copy of my visits.  No problem.  Then I said I wanted to talk to the head mucka muck.  I wanted to lodge a complaint.  Well, I waited and waited.  The hell with that.  I left.  A little later I get a call from Doctor mucka muck about my complaint.  All this doctor did was justify and made poor excuses for the PA’s actions.  At at no time apologized for her lying and not performing her job in a professional matter.  Oh well, the PA has a good example of being a professional – NOT!  Blah blah……..

We have no need to rush down to North Ranch now which is good.  Details another time.  Since my foot has decided to take a longer vacation we’re gonna go back up to Thousand Trails Lake Of The Springs Sunday.  We were there before coming here.  Maybe we will get a chance to break bread with Frank & Gloria yet.  We will stay until next Friday and then head South for North Ranch for a week.  Heard that their might be a birthday party for two handsome guys there.

Even though I can’t walk I got on a ladder to clean the windshield off.  Just took everything slow.  Coming back in the rig I stubbed my big toe.  Yes, the sore one.  I think they heard me over the nearby jets taking off.  Damn did that hurt.  Damn bugs…..

See ya……….