Friday, April 24, 2015

Damn Good Friends

We all have them, just damn good friends  As we all get older, medical problems arise for sure.  Sometimes the problems are really bad and sudden and ever lasting.  Sometimes their like mine, come and go usually. 

How do you give moral support to others when they are down and out?

Last night was ceremony night for the Line Dance Rally.  Carol go an award for wiggling it the most.  DSCN0829 I even got one and it was for being Carol’s driver.  DSCN0833Our first rally here was in 2000.  Yes, 15 years ago.  I guess we both got a reputation.

The line dancers have one more dance Saturday night then it’s officially officially over.

With no sewer hook up our tanks are just about full after two weeks.  We do have a rest room/showers just down from us but still.

We pull out Sunday

See ya……….