Thursday, April 9, 2015

Blowing In The Wind

You old people remember that song by Peter, Paul and Mary.

Pack em up, roll em out, rawhide…… You know the old TV western where Clint Eastwood got his early start.  Well, we’re packing up and will roll out tomorrow for our 315 mile trip to Fresno to my cousin’s David’s place.  He won’t be in jail at the moment so he said to come on up.  Yes, he’s on the wild side.  He should have been born about 100 years ago and would have loved it.

If we are lucky, we will run smack into the morning inbound LA traffic.  We’re not aiming for it but it’s hard to drive around traffic at any time of the day or even late night/early morning.  Oh, it’s part of RVing sometimes.

The wind has been blowing pretty strong up here the past week.  I know, “How strong was it?”  It’s been so strong that the dust stuck to the outside of the RV like tree sap.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  The dust won’t dust off with a duster but has to be actually rubbed off like road grime.  Really different.  Good thing the Harley trike has been parked in the trailer.  It’s ready to pop out at a moment’s notice.DSC_0001  

It’s been only in the 50’s and that’s not real good bike riding weather so it didn’t even come out of the trailer.  I talked to the trike and it told me it didn’t want to be replaced by a Slingshot either!  I wonder what the kitty thinks?  I don’t think she cares.DSCN0667

Oh, I ordered a Nikon lens 18-300mm for Carol.  It will be waiting for us up at Oregon House (Marysville, CA area). It’s not even her birthday.  She’s been wanting one for a long time but I keep saying wait a little longer.  It’s very expensive.  Hey, I got the trike so she can at least get the lens.  Maybe she will want the Slingshot too. NOT!

This time two years ago we were at my cousin David’s place.DSC_0003

Carol picking oranges.DSC_0006

And 5 years ago this time we were having the “barn” built in Livingston, Texas.  We really like having the barn to put our “RV stuff” in.  The shed to the side we keep our outdoor stuff in.  Outdoor stuff inside?!  I never noticed the doors are off center on the barn.  That’s OK.  I’m a little off center myself.DSC_0025

See ya………………