Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Polaris Slingshot ?

My foot is still hurting but I think I will live.

Jean & Claudette gave us a call.  They were down in Temecula ordering their customized seats for their Slingshot.  Anyhow, they were coming by us on their return trip to Joshua Tree where they live in their Jeep.  Sure, let’s have lunch.  We met at Grandma’s Country Kitchen.  We couldn’t get financing to eat their so we went to Carrows down the street.  They were closed – out of business or something.  Well, that left Carl’s Jr which turned out to be a nice place to chit chat and eat.  Plus cheap!DSCN0811-001

We talked and talked and talked probably for at least an hour.  We met them a few years ago and we all went to Alaska together with a few other people.  The first Loosey Goosey Group.  We usually meet up with them in Quartzsite just about every year.  They’re the couple we bought our Polaris Razor from years ago.  They now have a Polaris Slingshot.  It’s a cool looking batmobile that’s registered as a 3 wheel motorcycle.  I test drove one last week.  That’s one bad ass machine hands down.  As Lisa Koca says, “I want one.”  Carol says’ no more money.  I’m trying to get dealers to trade me even up for the Harley.  No such luck.

Jean & Claudette are going on a big challenge ride contest next month in their Slingshot.  12K miles in 20 days I think it is.  It’s a big 4 corner point USA with going to Kansas three times during the event.  Wow, I don’t think I could do that in a car.

It was great meeting up with them.  I wanted to get Carol to ride in their Slingshot but that’s not going to happen.  Hey, she’s on a line dancing mission up North.  The only thing I hear out of her right now is no to the slingshot and 6 , 7 , 8.  That 6, 7, & 8 is how they start line dancing.  I don’t know what happen to 1-4. 

So, that be it for now, friends and eating……

Oh, I started doing our taxes.  I’m missing a 1099 for my retired military pay.  What a big hoop to jump through to get that on line.  Couldn’t do it.  They’re mailing it.  That was a waste of 3 hours getting to that point.  It’s all on the back burner now.

See ya…..