Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Smarter RVer & Older

We went back to Home Depot to see if their cutting machine was repaired.  Of course not.  We wanted to buy a board and have them cut it for us.  They usually offer 3 free cuts when you buy a board.  Being a smart RVer this time we brought our (Carol’s) battery operated (18V) sawsall.  We got a 2X12 in a 8 foot length.  Took it outside and slung it over the cart return poles and cut it ourselves.  Now we have 6 – 16” boards to go underneath our jacks when needed.  They will brake in time and then we just throw them in the fire.  Don’t get the pressure treated ones.  They are a lot heavier and your not suppose to burn them – EPA and all that.  Plus they’re more expensive.

Earlier we we went to Wal-mart to buy those cute neatly bagged plastic orange leveling blocks.  But at $32 they were not needed that bad.  My board was $8 bucks.  I have found out in the past when I used those orange blocks that they didn’t like soft ground and would brake under pressure.  They’re probably OK for small rigs or if you never park on soft ground.  Been there, done that, no thanks.

Now for getting older.  This morning I got up and my one foot hurt to the point I was walking like an old man.  Oh, I am an old man.  I didn’t twist it, hit it or fall on it.  It just happened.  It will go away in a few hours or days.  No, I won’t rush to the doctor to see what’s wrong.  The doctor can’t really fix old age all the time and will only temporary relieve the pain usually.  Now here’s the kicker (pun intended).  It’s my right foot.  You figure it out there RVer.

See ya.