Thursday, June 30, 2011

Alaska Day 46 To Talkeetna

It was a 108 mile trip for us from Anchorage. The roads were pretty good over all and traffic for the first 50 miles was heavy.  What is it the 4th of July weekend or something!

Carol got a new camera.  It’s a Nikon D3000 and so far she likes it.  Of course she wanted my 18X200 lens right away and I think she’s been eye balling my 500 mm lens. She took almost all of the pictures today.  I said just shoot away and I will edit.  I don’t think I will say that again.  nah – just kidding…

First picture out of the box. The subject was a good choice if I say so my self.  DSC_0001-1


Russia could not be seen.  I guess it was cloudy.DSC_0022-1 

They come and go just like down in the lower 48.DSC_0029

Our we in England?DSC_0032

It’s a ……..was a ……….DSC_0038

One bedroom….I mean one room.DSC_0040 


Airplane in storage at least it was.  Up here you see old planes laying around vice cars.DSC_0048

Look in the lower left of the sign. Bet you haven’t seen that one before! They give boat tours here. Plus look at the one above it.  That is Mt McKinley and Talkeetna is the check in point for climbers via the ranger’s office.DSC_0042


$35 a night W/E.DSC_0056

Who’s on first?DSC_0065 

All of our rigs.DSC_0061


All of our rigs.DSC_0063

All of our rigs..DSC_0064


Sky is the limit….DSC_0067


Social time.  The Loosey Goosey Last Frontier Gang is all together again.DSC_0068 DSC_0070 DSC_0072

After a few beers they were trying to figure where they parked their RV.DSC_0073

Then it was chow time so we went into to town to a place that suppose to be pretty good. DSC_0017

After a few minutes everybody ordered.DSC_0002

Everybody got their food except Carol & I. Time passes on & still no food for us. We asked several times still no food.  Everybody finished and we still didn’t get our food. Then it happened – they brought it.  Everyone was now waiting for their checks. I said no we didn’t want it now.  They offered to put it a to go box.  I said sure if it was free.  they said no and that I would still have to pay for it whether we took it or not.  I just laughed and told then to get it away from me.  No one got refills on their drinks, just piss poor service and the food was barely OK I was told. Time passed on – no waiter or checks.  then everyone decided to get up and pay as they leave.  At the register they tried to tack on the 18% gratuity tax. Everyone said take it off – refused to pay it.  They had a problem with the computer and taking the tip off.  Carol & I was outside telling arrivals about the poor service and food was not far behind.  Inside the “Gang” was getting rightfully loud.  The restaurant cut it losses & told everybody to leave and no charge. No they didn’t leave quietly.

It appears they deal with so many tourist’s they don’t have to give them any service much less good service and the quality of food is just about edible.

Again, here is where you don’t want to go in Talkeetna.


I went outside and got a buffalo kraut sausage at a street vendor cart and Carol got a snack.

The gang toured the city – The “gang” were bad to the bone now with a free meal under their belts!DSC_0023

We bad!!!DSC_0024

What's all the excitement about?DSC_0021 

A 9 year old Pom that was ever so small and loved to be petted.DSC_0019


This was there private landing field.  Emphasis on field!DSC_0025

So, I think Carol did a pretty good job of taking pictures with her new camera.  Why don’t everybody send her a $1 to show her how well she did.

Or I will sick the “gang” on you!DSC_0066

See ya………….

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