Friday, June 17, 2011

Alaska Day 33 Homer & Fishing

So, what does it look like out of our rig at 5 AM. Well, the boat is gone. They left about 3 AM at high tide which came within about 30 feet of our rig.SDC11567

Larry took a wrong turn. He’s got the caged in feeling.SDC11569

OK Nick, you see where I wore your shirt….SDC11572


We set sail about 5:30 for a half day of halibut fishing. We are Larry, Jim, Don & myself along with about 8 unknowns. Cost with license $123 each.SDC11573

Fishing around what looks like a volcano to me.   Let me see, earthquake yesterday, volcano today!!!!!SDC11574


The limit was two fish per person, no problem. These were in the 15 pound range. To catch the big ones you would have to take the all day charter and they go further out.  It’s a time thing an of course more $.

SDC11576 SDC11577

Lunch time…………SDC11578 

Waters were very calm at times and never bad at all.SDC11579

Real nice fishing day.SDC11581

Then it was time to vacuum pack and freeze.  The four of us got about 10-11 lbs each after the fish cleaning that the boat hand did.SDC11583


Kids are actually wading out in the water..No thanks.SDC11585

Gary & Mary came rolling in around 3 PM. The gang’s all together again. Larry & Marilyn’s washer/dryer is broke and now there frig is starting to go bad.  We all offered verbiage before he got hold of a real tech. He’s trying different things. Meanwhile their frozen stuff is in with our fish in the freezer below.  That ought to make their stuff smell good. We had our 4 o’clock social and we all decided to stay another day in Homer.  Now departing Monday vice Sunday. Then eight of us decided to go back to Capt Patty’s for diner. Only Carol & I were there yesterday. They all agreed it was great.


It’s 11 PM and time to put this to rest.  People are all about.  Tomorrow is a boat tourist thing.SDC11586

Ho hummm…see ya…….

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