Monday, June 6, 2011

Alaska Day 22 To Palmer

We are going to go a Passport America Park 32 miles away but they won’t take anyone until after 11 AM.  So, here we set along the road side listening to the Matanuska River rushing by, watching the white crisp clouds passing the mountains with a deep blue sky background and the overall amazement of the scenery while time passes on.  Oh pity us – yea right you say…..and you would be right…

DSC_0001 DSC_0002

Down the lazy road towards Palmer.DSC_0003 DSC_0004 DSC_0007

I guess he couldn’t find a totem pole…DSC_0006

Heading into the outskirts of Palmer.DSC_0010

Our 3 campsites (white front RVs). It’s the Homestead RV Park, Passport America (PA), $16.50 W/E (30 AMP). Nice little park, two day max under PA. DSC_0013

Then in front of our RV’s we have this. Ho hummmm.DSC_0012

We were only going to stay one night but this park is so nice and only $16.50 we decided to stay another night. The advantage of having no schedule. Next thing we know Pat & Jim come rolling in. Then it was last but not least Don & Sharon. The gang is almost all here.  Our wounded one, Jean & Claudette are broke in Valdez. I called Jean later in the day and he is actively working on getting their RV repaired.  He does have a torn air bag. While they were checking it out he moved his large slide in and burnt the motor. So he has parts being flown in from LA and Fairbanks and a mechanic lined up to do the work.  Plus his extended RV warranty is working with him.  I expect he will be with us come this Friday, hope so.  We all offered to pick up/deliver what ever parts he needed but it don’t look we will be needed. He’s in a campground with electric and water available plus he has WiFi.  Hey, if you’re going to be broke down, it don’t get much better.

Carol & I went into to town to check it out. SDC11532 SDC11533

Nice set……. up!SDC11530

Later we had a social hour out in the sun watching the mountains making sure the snow didn’t melt to quick.

Then we all decide to go to a local restaurant called The Noisy Goose.  We had a good time with good friends and good food.  The waitress survived another bunch of old loud people.

Then it was another quiet night….

Miles today 32

See ya………………….

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