Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Alaska Day 23 Palmer & A Lazy Day

This morning Carol & I decided to drive the 32 miles to base and check the campground and bringing in guests. Well, we got there about 9:30 AM and there was a sign on the host’s door that they would not return until 3 PM. That shot that idea of getting information.  We still drove around the campground and nothing had changed since our last stay two years ago.  There were about a dozen or so empty sites for sure. We got gas in the car on base and it was $4.12 a gallon and diesel was $4.39.  Propane was $3.59.  I’m not sure if I will fill up with diesel before we get into a campsite or when we leave. Probably when we leave since fuel is going down in price. On the way back we stopped at the Eagle River State Park. Very nice park with paved roads and big long sights, lots of trees.  Big enough for any size RV in almost all of the sights. $18 a night no hook ups and water/dump available.  This is one of the signs to the park. Better not make a wrong turn here!SDC11537


Don just told me they just realized that their moonroof on their Honda car was shattered but still holding together.  There part will not be in until next week so they will get installed on our way back up here.  It’s been drizzling all day and expected to be for another week at least. Hope the window holds together. Break out the duct tape and we did along with some transport film.

 SDC11539 SDC11540

This is the underside…..SDC11538

Then of course we had our social hour.  It did do some hard sprinkles earlier today but has since stopped.SDC11541

People went out and did this and that.  So much for a lazy kinda of day.

See ya…

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