Saturday, June 4, 2011

Alaska Day 20 Valdez

It’s a WOW day….two eagles setting on/near their nest in our campground.DSC_0004 DSC_0006 DSC_0011 DSC_0017


This is what did happen! It’s an eagle…sad..SDC11495

The day a 9.2 earthquake hit Valdez and the town was destroyed.  They moved the town about 6 miles south to it’s present location.SDC11484 SDC11486

Bears due run thru town time to time.SDC11487

Doesn’t this resemble DonSDC11489

This is an Alaskan pig. It goes inside the 4 foot diameter oil pipeline and moves 6 MPH to clean the inside of the pipe. I sure don’t want this used to clean my pipes.SDC11491

  They even had people shooting signs way back when…  SDC11499

An Alaskan Food processor.SDC11511 SDC11515

One of these ladies is a shipwreck.SDC11490

I can’t believe she ate the whole thing….what’s that oozing out the other end….tanned ice worms!


SDC11525 SDC11526

That hunk of ice above the center of our rig is the Valdez Glazier. It disappears into the clouds.SDC11527

Now I’m disappearing for another day.

See ya…….

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