Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Alaska Day 37 Soldotna & Solstice

“The maximum elevation occurs at the summer solstice and the minimum at the winter solstice. The path of the Sun, or ecliptic, sweeps north and south between the northern and southern hemispheres. The days are longer around the summer solstice and shorter around the winter solstice. When the Sun's path crosses the equator, the length of the nights at latitudes +L° and -L° are of equal length. This is known as an equinox. There are two solstices and two equinoxes in a tropical year.”

OK………..I think today is going to be a long day (pun intended).

I stayed in bed the longest I can remember – till 10 AM. Carol even made and brought be breakfast about 9 AM. I ate it, thanked her and rolled over back in bed. No reason….

Hey, do you want to see attitude?  How about your engine air filter is clogged, washer/dryer broke, frig is not working, tow brake system broke and now your tow behind vehicle lights aren’t working. That gives anyone the right to have an “attitude”..DSC_0013

Here’s Larry with his smile and good attitude.  He’s one of a special kind.  Keep up the GOOD attitude.  I think part of his good attitude is due to the fact that he is enjoying being in Alaska and nothing is going to interfere with that.

Hell, what else could go wrong?  I would be eating road kill and making it too in Larry’s situation.

Today was just a do very little day for Carol & I.  I washed the car today. We went to a Fred Meyer store. It’s like a Wal-Mart.

This RV park has low voltage (102-108v) and it’s the first one we ran across up here with it.  I broke my Autoformer out and hooked it up. It boosted the voltage up to the good range (120v). The Autoformer takes AMPS and converts them to volts.  Basically I have better volts and less AMPS.  At least that is how a electrician explained it to me.  It does not take voltage from other RV sites/park like a lot of people think. The Autoformer creates it own voltage from the AMPS that you have at your site. Low voltage kills air conditioners/heat pumps and other things with motors.  I have had this Autoformer for over 11 years. I’ve had to replace the plug a couple of times and repaired once (warranty).  I almost didn’t bring it but glad I did. I’ve only had poor voltage with 30 AMP and never 50 AMP at parks.SDC11591

Here you can see that my air filter needs to replaced.  When the yellow reaches the red it’s done. I will do that in Anchorage when we get there next week.SDC11593


Here is my water gauge system.  It’s a house water regulator (left) with a monitoring gauge after it.  The water pressure is high here but we have poor water flow in the rig. That means one of two things. Our water filter is real dirty and needs replacing or the water volume for the park is low.  A park can have high water pressure but slow water volume meaning once the water is turned on there isn’t that much water to keep the water pressure up.  I will change the filter since I haven’t done it in about March or so.SDC11592

The sun came out for most of the day and it was really bright. It was nice to have it for our social hour. SDC11590 SDC11588  

Oh, we got two local TV channels here, NBC & CBS. It’s our first time for TV since leaving the lower 48.  We have flat screen TV’s but they are analog.  These two stations are still analog and haven’t switch to digital yet. We will get new TV’s down the road. When we are in the lower 48 and have satellite TV there is no problem. We only have problems getting regular local TV because they have all switched to digital.

See ya…………..

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