Friday, June 3, 2011

Alaska Day 19 Valdez

It got wetter today (Fri) here in Valdez.  Yesterday (Thur)was pretty nice and it was a great day to take that boat tour 6 hour ride. The  weekenders (fisherman) have been rolling in. I would not say they are RVers but are fisherman. There is a definite difference.  If it doesn’t directly relate to fishing they evidently don’t care to much about it. I was one many years ago so I understand a little bit. It’s like golfing but with a pole.  You just know you can do it.  Get that little ball in the hole or catch the big one. 

Today was a recovery day for us. The boat trip was outstanding but tiring. Today we went to the post office and did a little looking around in the gift shops. There’s one next to the Prospector Outfitter shop that I would classify as organized clutter kinda of. It just about has everything but not much of anything.  It’s a fun place to stop if you get this way. I got a double insulated watch cap there. Yesterday evening I got some chicken gizzards at the Safeway. They were over cooked as it turned out. I called them and told them about it. They said bring them back. Today I did that and they refunded double my money. You can’t beat that.

We went back to the Halibut House for diner. This was our third time because we haven’t decided how great it was yet. It’s a fast food place specializing in fish/burgers,shrimp & stuff.  I got 4 pieces of mixed fish and fries for $10. That’s real good up here where a veggie pizza will cost you $21 at a pizza joint.

Temps been in the 50’s during the day and 40s at night, rainy and even some wind. Not set outside weather for sure.  Tomorrow we leave and head towards Palmer which is 270 miles.  Matanuska Glacier State Rec Site is along the way so we might stay there a night or two.

Total miles from Sweetgrass, MT…..2,558

Days from Dawson Creek, BC….18

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