Monday, June 27, 2011

Alaska Day 43 Seward to Anchorage

Sorry this went out late because I was in a rush and didn’t push the last button and thought I had…..

It was time to move one and leave our great spot on the water.DSC_0001

This was the first morning that an eagle came down and sat on the pilings.  I guess he was saying goodbye.DSC_0039

We didn’t leave until about 9:30 AM.  Jan & Ken Tilton were coming our way so we sat until they arrived so they could have our spot.  There was no one waiting for it but it would have been gone quickly if left empty. It’s sorta like checkers and RVs moving around a lot for a better spot. They arrived and we departed.  We won’t see them again until down in the lower 48. Nice visiting with them while we were all up here.

The road between Seward and Anchorage was pretty nice. the weather was mixed with rain, clouds and even a little bit of sun.  It’s suppose to have showers everyday in Anchorage for the next 7 days. Here’s some pics of the drive.  DSC_0003 DSC_0004 DSC_0005 DSC_0008 DSC_0009

We arrived at Fort Richardson campground around noon or so.  I got fuel ($4.31) on base and propane ($3.51) before going into the campground. It was a 137 miles and a comfortable ride. Sharon & Don paid for our site which was $21 a night with FHU 30 AMP. I wonder if I have to pay them back?  We will be staying here for 3 nights getting caught up on a lot of stuff like mail, laundry, stocking up on fuel, washing the rig & air filter change over.  I went to Cummins downtown and picked up my air filter.  It was about $150 but it had a dent in it.  They charged me $125 out the door. I was happy.  I paid about $110 for the same filter in Quartzsite a few months ago. Now I will have to find time to install it.  then I went and picked up some diesel fuel supplement.  I think the Cummins having low mileage and with all the condensation from low temp changing and low speeds it helps. I got enough to go 3,000 miles so that will do me until back in the lower 48 just about.

Miles for today 137.

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