Thursday, June 9, 2011

Alaska Day 25 Anchorage & Galloping Moose

Carol & I started off the morning by Carol making Belgian Waffles for us. That was sweet.  Then we headed for downtown old Alaska.

DSC_0001-1 DSC_0002-1 DSC_0003-1

We did the tourist thing by going into the tourist shops.  Then I went into the camera shop that I bought my 500 mm lens 2 years ago. Nothing exciting so we headed back.  We did a little of this and that but nothing special.

The Forbes arrived on base early this morning. Don got them on base and a site with us all. They said they really like the campground especially the free washer/dryers.

We invited Don/Sharon & Larry/Marilyn over for dinner.  I made a special sausage and beef burgers. Carol made some soup, Don made a salad and Larry brought some requested chips.  They were big burgers and everybody got quiet while eating so that meant they were good along with everything else.

Here we were before eating. Yes a lot of orange.DSC_0005

During eatingDSC_0008

These are almost half pounders and they were the small left overs.DSC_0009

Everybody retired back to their rigs.  Carol I watched a video movie.

Then about 10 PM I decided to go out and cover the grill.  About 10:10 I almost pooed my pants.  I heard the ground rumbling & thunder and turned around. A friggin moose was running into our campsite.  A full grown moose was running towards me. I guess I was lucky because their was the table and the grill between us. He made a hard right and ran into the woods. He came within a few feet of me and within a foot or so of Brandy (our dog) who was in the woods pooing too. The dog hardly flinched. I didn’t have my camera and if I did it wouldn’t have mattered – no time.

Here’s a picture I took earlier today to give you an idea where the moose came in later that evening. Yes he stayed between the cones.DSC_0006

Here are the the hoof tracks that the moose left.  Carol & I tracked him over a hundred yards on the dirt road before our site. He was huffing it all the way and was a little sweaty looking when he went by me or was that me sweating.  I was just on the other side of the table and barbeque. Yes that friggin thing was that close and he had no plans on stopping.  It happened quick!DSC_0017

Maybe all that orange blinded him so he turned right. I think I looked light a deer at night with a light shining on him – big eyes and frozen. Something smells. Good thing we have free washer/dryers here at the campground.

So, just another day in Alaska…

See ya………….

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