Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Alaska Day 38 Soldotna Last Day

Well, I thought we were in a city and seeing wildlife was over except for an eagle fly over ever so often. At 8:30 AM this morning a moose came walking/trotting thru our campground. That’s an eye opener. He just came thru and went on down the road to the woods. It got everybody excited again.

I did change our water filter and it was dirty.  Darn, it was a charcoal block filter. It was a very expensive filter and got clogged due to sediment.  I guess in the future I will have to reconfigure the water filter system to add at least one or maybe two sediment filters before the last expensive filter.  I put a sediment filter in for now since the water itself has been good but has had some silt in it.

Sharon hooked us up with reservations at Denali National Park for next month.  Thanks girl! Oh Don was the gaffer/gopher and ran around and got people together.

We did some other things but don’t remember what they were…must not have been important.

Tomorrow we head for Seward.  Don & Sharon are making some special plans for the Last Frontier Gang so they got the helm to get us there and set up. 

So…see ya….

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