Saturday, June 11, 2011

Alaska Day 27 Anchorage – Dirty Filer

Tomorrow, Sunday we head for Deep Creek State Rec Area near Ninilchik. We’ve stayed here a few times in years past.  This is where I get most of my eagle shots. Anyhow, today was get caught up and do a little mechanical work.  The yellow do thingy on my engine air filter is pegged in the red. I did reset it several times while driving to Anchorage.SDC11548

Now you see it -SDC11550

Now you don’t.  It is by far one of the easier ones to remove.SDC11551

I figured I would take the filter out and bang on it, get the dirt out and put it back in.  And that’s what I did.  I banged on it with a rubber mallet and the dust came flying out.  A real fine dust and a lot of it. This is only part of it shown.

SDC11553 Then I used Larry’s baby shop vac to get more out of it. I blew dust all over the place before I realized it. I hope this does the trick.  I will find out tomorrow. If it doesn’t, that just means I will order one and have it shipped to Anchorage if the locals want too much.  We will return in a couple of weeks or so.

Then I used his vac to clean this compartment up a little more. It came partially open on the Top Of The World Highway. It too was full of that fine dust.SDC11555


Then I reorganized the compartments again.  Still isn’t just the way I want it yet.  I got time to figure it out.

The Forbes, Del Sosarios, Olsons, Fradettes and us went into to town to eat at the Country Kitchen.  Food was kinda OK put the conversations were great. The waitress didn’t bother us at all and we were there a long time.

Olsons – staying till Friday – daughter flying in for a few days.

Del Rosarios – staying at least thru Monday – car windshield replaced and waiting for package.

Pat Livingston/Jim Smith – already south.

Forbes, Fradettes and us depart for Ninilchik tomorrow.

That’s it in a nutshell…………

See Ya……………..

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