Saturday, May 7, 2011

Trouble With Wizwire

Our internet provider is Wizwire.  We also have AOL, Yahoo and Google but the business and most of our emails that we get are addressed to  Well, they are having problems this weekend and are hard down.  So, if you have sent us an email to wizwire it is setting out there waiting for them to come back up.  That will be Monday probably. We then will get all of the emails at once. Monday we cross over the Canadian border. This blog goes out via google.

This is “Great Falls” so we went and did our tour thing.SDC11305 SDC11307SDC11306 

We did our Wal-mart thing today, I over filled the fresh water tank, and we had a cook out with Sharon/Don and Marilyn/Larry.  Later we sat around and talked about the different tour adventures we wanted to go on in Alaska.  “We will have fun!”

I’m stuck on getting my CB antennae installed.  I’m still uncomfortable how I was going to do it.  I want to do it right so I’m gonna hold off on that.  I will try and find a thru the window antennae and use it until I figure the other one out.  I run heat (100 watts)  with my CB so I will have to tone it down it down a little bit. I think I will call Flying J tomorrow and see if they know of any CB shops here in Great Falls, MT.  Yes, I know it’s Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you Mother’s out there.  Boy does that sound funny.

I got some Diesel Supplement at Walmart.  I got the grey can this time. I could tell that they were selling a lot of the grey and hardly any of the white can.  I went with what was selling in the local area – the grey can.  Seems like it’s more for cleaning the injectors than the white can and that’s what I want for the time being.  Maybe the injectors got a little clogged from setting for 3 years. The Beast is really starting to come around in fuel mileage.  The inside is done of course and Carol is happy with that. A Happy Mother is a happy man.

See ya………..

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