Saturday, May 14, 2011

Getting Together

Special note: Don - hope your cancer goes away so you and Barb can make the trip next year. We got you seated on our couch so set back and enjoy your adventure to Alaska along with us.

If anyone wants to get on our Datastorm notification of our exact location (coordinates & map), please email us at and let us know.  Sending a comment on this blog does not give us your email address automatically.



Curved hell, the base looks crooked.  Maybe that’s why it’s curved – duh!DSC_0049

When Carol calls….. DSC_0047

Poo happens – moose that is.DSC_0048 

I hope that moose doesn’t have a cold.DSC_0005

This guy was trying to warn us.DSC_0051

These bears aren’t real.DSC_0040

Neither is this phone booth out in the sticks…maybe?.DSC_0052 

Sharon & Don are getting their RV and car ready -   Ready for mud…DSC_0056

No Sharon, I don’t think you will convince them how easy it is to clean the car & RV on the outside.  I’ve been trying for 4 decades.DSC_0057


Click on any picture to enlarge..DSC_0008 DSC_0009 DSC_0012

If Don isn’t talking he’s snoozing. He’s at the visitor center here at Dawson Creek.   He “watched” the movie four times…..DSC_0006

Dinner time……Us guys let the ladies go first.DSC_0001-1

Then the guys. Ahhh ain’t that nice. The girls will finish before us. Then they will clean up while us guys are eating.  shhh, don’t tell them….DSC_0003-1 DSC_0004-1 DSC_0005-1

Thanks everybody for sharing food at dinner and especially Sharon for making that special spaghetti sauce.

We all talked about what to expect from each other and especially the next few days.  I think we are all clicking on the same clock.

Miles today  00    Total miles 752    Total Food $79     Total Fuel $468   Total Fun $priceless     Total Kamping $162

See ya……….

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