Tuesday, May 3, 2011

First Day Headed North

Well, we left Verde Valley and hung a left. Friends were crying when we left about 8 AM. I think it was the diesel fumes. It turned out to be a 330 mile day.  Up Interstate 17 to route 89 in Flagstaff and followed it north. Carol took almost a hundred pictures.  Now I go thru them and chose which ones to put here – that’s a job in itself.  Here we go.

Rock sticking out of the ground..DSC_0028

Little Indian shops set up along the way.DSC_0036

Lunch time…DSC_0043 DSC_0046

Damn it!   Corner of Lake PowellDSC_0058

Then there’s the other side of the story….DSC_0060

It’s so great to be moving more than a 100 miles…DSC_0065

Another rock sticking out of the ground.  They were every where all day long just about. Very scenic route and enjoyed it a lot.DSC_0067


Hatch, UT. Escapees had a HOP here years ago.DSC_0085

And their campground…we almost worked camp here. Walt & Kellie Gunn did…DSC_0086


Dixie National Forest on the way to Bryce just off Rt 89.DSC_0088

Red Canyon Campground inside Dixie National Forest. Great sites – no hook ups, $7.50 Golden Access. Been here before and will again.DSC_0090

This is the view out my window. Do I really need to say more.DSC_0092

Tomorrow (Wed) we our heading up north again about 200 miles to a county park in the Spanish Fork area just below Salt Lake.  If it’s full we will head north to ????

We will meet Sharon & Don and Marilyn & Larry Thursday morning probably at a Flying J just above Salt Lake. Then we all travel North To Alaska.

It’s great being back on the road not knowing what adventure awaits us around the corner. The Beast (our RV) did fine today.  It’s about the first time it did over a hundred miles in a day. It’s just running along fine. Fuel mileage is yet to be determined.  We will know more when we get to Salt Lake with about 700 miles on this tank.  Hopefully it will only take about a 100 gallons or less.

Tonight is our first night of truly boone docking in the Beast in a setting like this - cold. It’s 4 AM and the batteries are at 12.3 volts. The inverter has been on always and no generator yet.  It’s 35 degrees outside and 60 inside and dropping. I won’t turn on the hydro hot for heat until the morning when I get up.  It’s just not needed when you are in bed. Carol gets up when it gets warm.  Brownie points.  Since we only got about 200 miles we will have a nice breakfast and enjoy the scenery before we leave.  Back to bed for me now…

On the road again……………

See ya.

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