Sunday, May 29, 2011


There is only one thing to say about The Top Of The World Highway - OH MY GOD! I can’t believe we did this again! 100 miles of dirt/gravel road and about 10 miles that should have been.

Well, pictures are worth a 1,000 words. Hold on here we go.  If you want a bigger picture – click on it.

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It took us 4 hours of driving time.  Speeds were usually between 20-30 MPH. Some parts got very small like in one vehicle (med-Lg) at a time. Fuel mileage terrible, scenery beautiful in it’s own way but nothing like the Blue Ridge Parkway on the East Coast. Saw two porcupines, one marmot & one snow bunny. Took about 130 good pictures.  That one gray looking picture is our side mirror looking at the car – what car – couldn't see it in the back up camera either – dusty. Roads are a hell of a lot better than 2009. A lot of completed construction on them. Larry & Marilyn rolled in a cloud of dust about 4 o’clock local. We then went to town (Chicken)for diner and a drink. Not to bad. I spelt some of my chili but one of two local dogs cleaned it up quite well. Hey, it’s a smile of a stop. We are staying in a Passport America park at Chicken at $7 no hook ups and are happy, nice sites for now. It did poor down rain after getting here but no it really didn’t wash off much dust, just made it messy dust. Tomorrow we got 80 miles to Tok. Just another two miles of dirt then hard pavement with a lot of frost heaves if my memory serves me.

Top Of The World Highway – been there done that – twice – thus – no plans to return no matter how many chickens they got up here.

See ya……..

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