Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Alaska Hwy Day 3

Out datastorm internet is hard down. We are using Don’s or what ever is around. So our blog probably won’t be posted each day.  When they are posted they will be dated by when they should have been posted.  In other words – work backwards like I do usually just doing anything.

To those that told me that Palin’s coach was a Country Coach and not a Prevost.  Well, on the high end coaches at one time manufactures put their box on Prevost chassis if the customer asked for it. I was also told that the Palin family could afford to do that. Hey, all I do is spread rumors anyhow.   I could be wrong for sure.

This morning we got up at some time and left when ever we felt like it.  Life is good! We had 80 miles to go to the Liard Hot Springs.  It’s day light at by 4 AM. It’s like a mild dusk.  I can’t tell you when the sun goes down because we go to bed early which is usually by 10 PM and it’s light out.  Again a soft dusk. No, I don’t know what a hard dusk is.  Our fellow “Last Frontier Gang” members seem to be really enjoying themselves and I believe that is a very big understatement. We all get excited telling each the animals we saw that day plus the scenery which is really outstanding. I can’t spell undescribleable.

Here we go..Gary & Mary looking at the sheep across the way and up the hill at 7 AM.


We departed and just up the road we saw our first black bear of our trip.DSC_0004

Then a caribouDSC_0009 DSC_0014

Roads and roads with nice scenery for ever.DSC_0019

Then Watson Lake. Actual color of teal….due to copper minerals run off or something.DSC_0023 DSC_0025

Nice wayside..DSC_0026 DSC_0030

Roads are well marked with markers about gravel worked areas.DSC_0037  DSC_0041

Sure, buffalos, why not…DSC_0044 DSC_0045


And here is where we stayed - Liard River  Hotsprings Provincial ParkDSC_0048

$21 a night (2 nights for us), no hook ups, all sights will take big rigs. We all got 6 sites together. Suggest you get here by 10 AM and stay one night. They hold and don’t reserve one night sights. You can also drive your rig into the park for $5 a person and just spend the day.  Again – early is the key.DSC_0050

Marilyn trying to do the mating call.  I didn’t ask Larry if it worked.  TMI…..DSC_0051

And then here they are going to the Hot Springs to cool off…………..SDC11380

“Carol, there are no bears on the boardwalk this time of day (I think)”.SDC11374 

Come on I will show you the way to the Hot Springs..  Bears don’t like orange.SDC11375

This was real nice. A must stop even for a half of day at least.SDC11379 

Here’s the worst thing  up here – a rental…..SDC11381

Then it was 4 o’clock or so and time to share about our animal sightings today.DSC_0052

Miles today  78   Total miles 1221    Total Food $161     Total Fuel $468   Total Fun $priceless     Total Kamping $204.  All since crossing the border at Sweetgrass, MT on May 9, 2011 with a full tank of fuel.

see ya…..

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