Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother’s Day & Special Days

I called and talked to my Mom and wished her a Happy Mother’s Day.  Carol did the same.  Out on the road on those special days for relatives and friends are missed. Everybody has their life to live like our kids and they have to do their thing without our daily interference. It’s better in the long run as we learn as we get and they get older.

Crossing the Border.  We have not found one complete list for the traveler to go by as far as what you can or can not take across the border.  For example one list said we couldn’t take any fruit that is not grown in Canada. How the friggin are we suppose to know what they grow or not grow. Tomorrow we will cross over and see what happens.

Our internet is still missed up.  I will call wizwire the first thing in the morning before we leave. Their in California so their an hour behind.  That will delay our departure a little.  We only have about 175 miles to do plus the time spent at the border. We will have an interesting morning for sure.

Mom’s little dog Brandy is getting to the point we are considering put her down.  She is losing control of her bowels – she’s losing it at night and that is not like her at all – way out of place. We took her out at 10 PM last night and it was no help.  We take her food and water away about 6 PM – no help.  It just might be that time. We are out of excuses for her.  She’s 14 years old.

Let’s see how the day goes…….

See ya………..

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