Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It’s An Adventure

I got back up at 7AM and peeked out for a view.DSC_0094

It was 33 outside and 53 degrees inside.  I turned on the Hydro hot system and turned on the front and rear furnace.  The cat found the heat duct.DSC_0093

Carol stayed in bed until about 3 PM……yea right. Yes she picked out the cat blanket and was definitely using it as you can see. DSC_0096

The voltage was at 12.3 with the inverter on. With the sat TV/internet, TV, computer and two furnaces motors running it dropped down to 12.1.  That’s OK all things considered.

We left about 9:30 for our 225 mile trip to a little town called Spanish Fork. We have a nice little campground their that we like.

Snow………….?   Chain up what – I’m an RVer I don’t understand.  Chain up the wives – Utah ????DSC_0099DSC_0104


Going down the road the outside temp was 57 degrees max.  Inside the coach we had it 78 degrees.  Hey, that Hydro hot worked great going down the road.  I didn’t even turn on the diesel burner.  Just the engine heat kept the coach warm.  Now this is nice….

Notice the head on the ladder. I guess it’s better to have one like that rather than on the front end spread eagle.DSC_0100

There is our campground – Spanish Fork River County park.  About 15 sites, no hook ups, quiet, nice sites, $15 a night.DSC_0114

Us and the hosts – that’s it. We backed the car in first to hook it up in day warm weather of 53 degrees here.DSC_0116

The view out my window.DSC_0120

See ya………….

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