Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th

So what!

The cat has claimed this spot whenever the heat comes on.  CSC_0013

“You talking about me again!”DSC_0001

It was foggy as all get out this morning but it cleared out by the time we left around 8:30 AM.  It was a 48 mile trip to Dawson Creek. 

The weather was nice and the road too. Typical roads up here.DSC_0004

I like this.  This is a welcome sign into British Columbia. On the Alberta side there is the sign saying a litter barrel ahead. What are they really saying. Dump your trash over there not here.DSC_0005   DSC_0008 DSC_0009

The Beast just barely got warmed up. We headed for the RV wash before checking in the campground.  It was by the minute and it cost us $14 to wash.  I used the sprayer and not the brush.  Brushes usually have dirt in them and can scratch the paint real quick.  It cost Don $23 but we all know how slow he is and it’s only a 36 footer.

I arrived at the campground first and negotiated about $5 off most of our campsites.  So, 30 AMP full hook up, drive thru was $32 with tax for most – some cheaper.


We were all settled in by noon.  We got an email and the others will be in later today. 

Don had an electrical plug problem on his tow car and replaced the plug getting here earlier this week.  Now I’m having one too.  I still got brake lights on the car so no real emergency yet.

Then Pat/Jim and Mary/Gary showed up just about dinner time. We sat around and BS for awhile.DSC_0016 DSC_0018

I told Don he should change his underwear more often and they wouldn’t stick.DSC_0020 

Then Keltie from the Office Of Tourism from Dawson Creek showed up. I’ve been emailing with her for months.  She was born and raised here in Dawson Creek.  She also spent 27 years in the Yukon.  She agreed to come see us if we were all on our meds.  She gave us welcome goody bags and  Milepost O pins.  She was here for about a half hour and appeared to have a real hoot with us old farts. DSC_0021

I think tomorrow will be tourist day for everybody.

Miles today  48    Total miles 752    Total Food $60     Total Fuel $468   Total Fun $priceless     Total Kamping $162

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