Tuesday, May 10, 2011


We are not your typical tourists as aren’t most full time RVers. We don’t look for the typical places to visit usually.  We like the out of way places, the little restaurant, the unusual and cheap. We are professional tourists on the half shell.

We went in town and exchanged U.S. currency for Canadian currency. The dollar was only worth .935 cents against the Canadian dollar.  We drove around and took some pictures.

A long bridge for trains…………DSC_0001

A building for students.DSC_0002

Then went and washed the car ($3).  Damn good wash.

We got back to the Beast and I decided to complete the installation of the CB.  I had some help when I was drilling thru the wall as you can see. Got it installed and appears to be working.  Going down the road will be the real test.  Don & Sharon was having some trouble with their CB. I checked out their roof antennae and found a bad copper wire inside the spring.  With the spring removed it should work better hopefully.  Find out tomorrow. SDC11343

We all sat out and had our 4 o’clock social. It was sunny and no wind.  Nice………..The locals said to weeks ago they had a big snow fall here. They thanked us for dragging in the good weather but wouldn’t pay us for the fuel.

We found this local eatery and we thought we would give it a try.  It was more like a sport pub and grill. TVs everywhere…..SDC11349

Everybody enjoyed what they ordered which was from salmon to nachos.SDC11355

When we all got back we hooked up the cars and called it an evening and retired.

I’m adding something new (below) for our trip to Alaska and return. I’m gonna try and keep the following totals (to date) for those that might want to know “How much”.

Miles today  0                  Total miles 67

Food $32     Fuel $0     Fun $     Kamping $37

Food will include eating out and groceries.  Fuel will be diesel only.  Fun speaks for itself.  Kamping will be just that.  I will not have an “other” or “misc” category.  Keep it simple…..

Oh, I had some trouble with my wizwire (internet provider) and Outlook for several days now.  Finally got it fixed with wizwire tech via emails late today.  Simple fix – experience – I love it.

Tomorrow we all got a 360 mile trip. I guess the women will have to drive while us guys take our afternoon power nap. We will stay 2 nights near Edmonton.  Then we have 330 miles to Dawson Creek. Maybe we will brake that up by getting a little boone docking in if we can find a good spot.

See Ya…………….

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