Monday, May 9, 2011

Here We Go!

Yes it was raining and windy when we all were getting ready to to get ready to leave the Malmstrom AFB Famcamp. What a send off from Great Falls, MT.  The Beast needed a good rinse anyhow. There goes those shiny wheels. I got two showers this morning. Good thing I didn’t wash the Beast.  I prefer not to drive in the rain like a lot of other Rvers. I’m known for pulling off the road if it starts to rain. One - I try to keep the Beast clean and two the idiot level goes up a couple of notches. The handy dandy weatherman is calling for this kind of weather thru to at least towards the end of the week.  Time to leave.  The cell phones are turned off for three weeks. The “Last Frontier Gang” will be coming together more the next few days.  Gary & Mary Olson are leaving Vegas today.  I guess they won enough money to pay for their fuel. I estimate they will put the landing gears down around us somewhere between Calgary and Edmonton. We will have to make sure our mirrors are in when they come by.

Packing up…SDC11312

Light rain in Great Falls, MT.SDC11313

Then it started to clear up later on.SDC11319

There is oil in them dere hills in MT.SDC11320

The border crossing was a breeze. Answered a few questions and on our way.SDC11322 SDC11323 SDC11326

These farmers have some wild equipment.SDC11328

Yes, we can see the bridge……….duh……SDC11342SDC11334

Carol cooked a roast going down the road today and then fed it to us all.SDC11330

Don must have had a dirty butt.SDC11332 

The girls are talking about the map and places to see to include Alaska.SDC11337 SDC11339

We will be staying here two nights. We all decided to bypass  Calgary because the park we wanted to stay at isn’t looking that great. So now we will head for Edmonton and stay there two nights at the Alberta Beach Golf RV Resort. It’s a Passport America park

Miles today (fr border) 67.  Total trip miles 67

I plan on posting the miles each blog. You will be able to tell how many miles we drove that day plus how many miles for the entire trip up to and return from Alaska – Sweetgrass, MT to Sweetgrass, MT.

See ya….

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