Saturday, May 21, 2011

Alaska Hwy Day 6

First off let me tell you about our datastorm caretaker Steve O’Bosky.  He’s just friggin great.  He spent 40 minutes on the phone with me reconfiguring my datastorm “stuff” and got it up and running.  So here’s his info if you are in the market.

O'Bosky Satellite Internet
Datastorm-MotoSat TV Dealer, 559-901-9044

These pictures I took last night at 10 PM.  First our neighbor’s work tag.SDC11382

Then the Signpost Forest….SDC11383 SDC11384 

Then the Alaska Hwy in downtown Watson Lake,Yukon. It’s really after 10 PM.. Sunrise 4 AM.SDC11385

I brought an Escapees sign with us to mount within 50 feet of the visitor's center (left rear of entrance). Mark, Boot Camp Coordinator for the Escapees,  sent it to me to put here and it will last for at least a decade.  I’m pretty sure if I fall the Escapees would pick up my bills. SDC11391 SDC11392SDC11389

SDC11404 SDC11405 SDC11406

That’s a lot of signs.SDC11411 

“Carol, help me with this gold nugget.  We can carry it in the 43 foot motorhome because we have a tag axle.  See, aren’t you glad we got it now!”  “Yea, sure right.  Now I can go buy my own Phaeton!”


See ya……………

Miles today 000    Total miles 1351    Total Food $228     Total Fuel $1080   Total Fun $17     Total Kamping $258

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