Sunday, May 1, 2011

She’s Back…….the Beast…Hillbillies

I had breakfast at Denny’s.  That’s like in Denny & Susie.  They fixed me up some taters & onions and threw two eggs on top.  Good breakfast – thank you. Then it was off to the airport which is a 100 miles to pick Carol up.  I was in the waiting lot just 5 minutes when she called and I picked her up.  Then it was a 100 miles back.  Going there the Hybrid Mariner got 45 mpg average and then coming back it averaged out totally to be 39.2 mpg.  Now that’s my kind of mileage.  I don’t have those kayaks on top of the car plus I had the cruise control on 60 MPH all the way and back.

That made me think to call my brother in law, David Lorenz, in Baltimore. He’s a diesel mechanic, not a friggin tech, at Freightliner Baltimore.  I spoke with him about the mileage on the “Beast” and the performance.  He’s going to look up old Cummins Bulletins and see what kind of problems they have had on the 2006 400 Cummins.  He said my first problem is that it’s a Cummins……..he’s still gonna check.lities. He said the shop I was at (Affinity) should have done that if they had a real “mechanic” and not a tech.  It’s a tech - mechanic joke thing….

Carol slept most of the day – time and altitude change I guess.  Either that or seeing what kind of mess I left and she fainted. Her Mom is doing fine. No damage done from her heart attack and no need to do any surgery.   Just pills for cholesterol and blood pressure.  She is back to her “normal”.

We got some hillbillies (the Hicks)coming to our area so we will get out of Dodge Tuesday.  I’m going to try and set an appointment with Cummins (Salt Lake City) for Wednesday afternoon or Thursday AM.  Hopefully I will have some direction to offer to them.

Bin Laden was killed. May he rest in OUR hell!

See everyone else…………

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