Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Alaska Hwy Day 9 Skagway

Last night we started with this Historical Red Light  ???? something that had been turned into a food eatery.SDC11423

Then it was off to the show called The Days Of 98 Show.  We started off with some play gambling which Carol was the high dollar winner.  Then the dancers came out but they needed one person from the audience.  Larry quickie I mean quickly ripped his pockets trying to get bribe money out.  They choose him.  Have you ever seen a kid in a candy store?  Well, here’s an old kid in a candy store.  SDC11457

Then they disappeared upstairs or did that happen first.SDC11445

The town was dead when we exited. SDC11430

The ships and passengers were all gone. SDC11469

Then it happened..

We woke to four ships in port.DSC_0009

The town was crowded so we went up the hill to…  DSC_0015 DSC_0016

How would you like to meet this thing coming at you?DSC_0011

Your tax dollars at work or NOT!!!!DSC_0017 

I’m not sure if the bridge was leaning or Carol..DSC_0018-1

So much for another day in dream land.  Everybody did their own thing today and each had a tale or two.  No “tales” for Larry.

No RV miles, no spent money, it was a cheap day.

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