Monday, May 2, 2011

Last Day in Cottonwood

I got up this morning and took the dog outside for her to do her business.  Well, look, we got ice on our chairs. It’s time to move on.SDC11294

Carol and I decided to scout the area for a local breakfast eatery.  We found it. It’s called George’s and it’s near old Cottonwood on Historic route 89. Hey we got some good eatins for $12.50 plus tip. We were right in with the locals for sure.  They had their own coffee cups.  Get this – coffee was 95 cents and most meals included it.SDC11295

Back at the rig we tried not to disturb “Miss I’m very relaxed”.DSC_0001 

That’s TWO happy cats……….DSC_0002

Think the dog is putting up with the cat.  The cat just don’t care who she sleeps with.  They did grow up together.DSC_0004  

Carol was busy cleaning the Beast today. I didn’t think I messed it up that bad.  Tommie Sue and Harrell arrived here about noon.  We didn’t get enough warning to leave before they got here.  Oh well….we leave tomorrow. We didn’t get those magnets off the side of the coach either.  They will be here probably two weeks.  They parked right next to us.  I guess they wanted the shade from the Beast. Later Denny & Susie came down from their scenic spot on the hill.  We all sat out and got drunk from  Wal-mart’s $3 bottled wine. Hey, the wine ain’t that bad. It’s Oak Leaf and called Sweet Red.  We all then went to Taco Bell just down the road to get our fast food Taco fix.  We sat there and talked and talked.  Then it was time to say See Ya………..

We got back to Beast and got it ready for our next adventure.  It’s about 600 miles to Salt Lake City. We have an appointment for Thursday 7 AM at a bigger Cummins dealer.  Cummins Hq recommended this place.  We shall see.  We were going to stop in Kanab and have decided not to.  We got two other places along the way we might stop at.  No where special. We will stop when we are ready. We will take Interstate 17 to Flagstaff then pick up route 89 and take it almost all the way to Salt Lake.  The Beast is ready, the kayaks are on the car and hooked up, full of fuel and water, we are ready - - movin out…rawhide….

See ya………….

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