Sunday, May 22, 2011

Alaska Hwy Day 7

For those that can’t remember like me, Alaska Highway Day 7 means from Dawson Creek & Mile Post 0. 

Yesterday we all were discussing who is going to go to Dawson City & Top Of The World Highway and who wasn’t.  Two RVs are going hell or high water, three are probably yes and one is a probably not. A final decision will be made by next Wednesday because that is departure day from Whitehorse. Either you go straight or hang a right.

Look out Teslin, population of 450, you are being invaded by the Last Frontier Gang today. We were the 2nd to leave a little after 7 AM. We were expecting rain and we got it as the day progressed. Hey, no big deal.DSC_0003 DSC_0006

A bear………….DSC_0014

A bear running….DSC_0016

Two timber wolves ran right in front us.  It was so quick we didn’t get any pictures except this poor one of the last one going into the woods. That’s our story and we are sticking to it..DSC_0020

This is the bridge before Teslin.  DSC_0021

Jim & Claudette are already there in Teslin.  Well, we all stopped at the Yukon Motel & RV park and restaurant. We were going to stay the night but their prices went up to $27 vice $19 a couple of weeks ago.  I guess the Tilton’s got the winter rate.  So after lunch the “gang” decided to head for Skagway, what the hell.  DSC_0023

That mud looking stuff is ice on the river.  My camera made it look like mud.DSC_0027

We went another 50 or so miles from Teslin and decided to stay at this nice little pull over. It rained off and on.DSC_0033

No tenters allowed…..bears….DSC_0034

All amounts converted to US measures & dollars and since crossing the border at Sweetgrass, MT on May 9, 2011. Yes, I will make mistakes – oh need to write.

Miles today 210    Total miles 1561    Total Food $247     Total Fuel $1080   Total Fun $17     Total Kamping $258.

See Ya…

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