Thursday, May 12, 2011


The big Blogger System that I send my blogs to went down last night and wasn’t up as of 7:30 AM Friday. that’s the delay in this getting on the internet blog system.  Anyhow……life goes goes on.

Carol fixed me a cheese/mushroom omelet with sausage patties and slices of orange. I guess the oranges were to make me healthy. Enough about that old subject – getting old

You know, the Beast has averaged 6.9 MPG the last 1,000 miles since May 5th and 7.1 the last two days.  That’s pretty good considering it was only getting 5.6 MPG for the 1,000 miles before that.  I think the engine had to be ran long and a little fuel additive/cleaner helped. Hopefully it will stay in the 7s even though the conditions will change for the worse for the next three months.

The wind howled all night long. I’m glad we don’t have those floppy slide out covers anymore. The Beast was moving but the covers were quiet.

When I walked the dog this morning I found some fresh moose poo. Hey, it’s just a sign that we are heading in the right direction.

Yesterday Don saw my tag axle hub cover come rolling off going down the highway. It goes back to having over heated tag axles.  Now both are gone. Oh well, I kinda like the appearance of the heavy duty axle look.

US’ins, the WE’ins, the 3 Amigo's, got off to a good start even with the wind a howling.  We filled up twice today to keep our tanks filled before getting into BC which is higher.  Fuel was $4.54 and then $4.97 per gallon all figures converted.

We saw a moose…..DSC_0005

and a beaver.DSC_0006

Saw the second longest wooden train trestle in the world but Carol couldn't get all of it in one shot.DSC_0001

We found this nice little city park.DSC_0012


This was the shower house. I would be afraid that a train – nope ain’t going to say it.  DSC_0009

Here’s the real reason we stayed here.DSC_0010

Hey for dinner we had “THE REAL DEAL”………….SDC11358  AND it was a very nice place and nice friendly people. This city of Hythe should be the last place anybody gets fuel before BC at a $1.21 litre. Maybe even stay for a good meal and a cheap nice place to stay. We did!

Miles today  278         Total miles 703    Total Food $60     Total Fuel $468  Total Fun $priceless     Total Kamping $66

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