Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Alaska Hwy Day 2

Day Two - We all went about 178 miles today. We left about 7 AM and went into Fort Nelson for a local restaurant set down breakfast. DSC_0007-1

Then back on the road.   DSC_0016 DSC_0016-1 DSC_0019-1 DSC_0021-1

This Prevost might have been Sahara Palin’s family.DSC_0023-1 

We stopped at this est area and the others caught up with us.  DSC_0012-1DSC_0026

Yes, some rivers, lakes are still frozen in parts.DSC_0036 DSC_0038

This guy is hoofing it….DSC_0045

Moose………….Our first sighting..DSC_0048

Our place tonight GPS 58.84612N & 125.09119W. It was a nice place.DSC_0001-2 

Carol & Marilyn practicing seeing a bear…DSC_0010-1

Straight across from us we watched 4 elk and 6 dall sheep climb on the mountain right after arriving and then till much later.Earlier today we saw 4 Elk 3 moose . Pretty neat..

Miles today  177    Total miles 1143    Total Food $161     Total Fuel $468   Total Fun $priceless     Total Kamping $162

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