Thursday, May 31, 2012

Target What?

Here’s where we spent last night (Wednesday) in Fredericksburg, VA.  It’s a Target department store parking lot.  I don’t pull into campgrounds at 10:30 at night and besides there were none around.DSC_0001It was a very quiet night not even a security guard drive by.  They turned off the lot lights about 10:30 PM which was a first that I’ve seen.  Maybe they thought the lights were bothering us so they turned them out.  Lights were around just not on this parking lot.

We drove north on route 17 from Fredericksburg up to I-66 then went west to Front royal.  It was about a 85 mile trip.  DSC_0005 DSC_0006 DSC_0007 DSC_0009


We stopped here at this shopping center.  It had a Big Lots, Family Dollar, Goodwill and a Food Lion.  We were set.  I always try to park so it’s  a straight shot to get out.  Here the exit is straight ahead.DSC_0010

On to the park.DSC_0011

The turn in is between those two stone pillars.  Yes it was tight and we have been here before, no surprise.  Yes the road was narrow too.DSC_0012

It’s a Coast To Coast park ($10).  We got a 50 AMP FHU.  They charged us $5 extra a night because we were over 35 feet long.  I had a few words to say about that but lost the battle.  Then they wanted $3 extra night because of the Razor. I informed that it was a register motor vehicle and I was not going to pay.  They wanted to classify it as a golf cart. They evidently saw the license plate and didn’t charge me.  I won that battle.

The sight was a little tight but Carol backed it in on the first try with no need to go forward.  DSC_0013

We will cut some branches down before we leave.DSC_0018 

The temps were in the cool 80s with no humidity.  The night was in the 60s and no wind.  Carol’s bros are due in tomorrow and their sites are behind us.

Oh, getting here I paid $3.72 for diesel in Warrenton, VA at a Quarles truck station.