Sunday, May 20, 2012

More Alaska

More Alaska. I figure about $6,300 in fuel for my rig. About 20 nights of boone docking at no cost. It can be more. About 30 nights of no hook ups and paying like in city parks on the water, Denali, etc about $600 and that’s a high figure as all of these are. Parks with full hook ups about 100-110 nights. The average price can be from below $25 to $37 range. I will average that to be about $2,000. So we are looking at about $8,900 at this point. Then there is your food for three plus months and then your entertainment/tourist stops. I would say about $11,000 and have a credit card ready. Yes, it’s expensive. It’s also priceless as they say……


You too can do this.  Put it on your bucket list.  It’s been on ours several times.  We keep putting it back on.

See ya…………….