Friday, May 11, 2012

Roof Done – Time Will Tell

We got the Beast back.  It’s a pretty shiny fiberglass roof.  But does everything work?  We tested the three AC’s and their heat pumps, the 2 fantastic fans, the front & rear TV, the satellite dish, the regular antennae and booster, slide outs & their toppers, the large automatic awning, front door automatic awning, radio antennae and speakers, and the maintenance solar panel.  These were all the things that could be affected by the removable/install of the roof.  There are other things too and time will tell.  It was a $4,500 upgrade from the warranty Brite-Tek roof…where’s that Visa card?

It’s 650 miles to Carol’s bro place near Baltimore (Columbia).   We usually figure doing 50 miles in one hour of travel time.  That’s pretty accurate for us for figuring traveling time.  Very seldom due we travel at night.  We travel between 60-62 MPH and stop for lunch and if and when I get sleepy.  I usually sleep 10-45 minutes.  I don’t do that stop and walk around to avoid sleep.  What the hell, just go to sleep.  Being tired is one thing and being sleepy is another.  I don’t mess with being sleepy.

We left Newmar about 2 PM and poorer.  DSC_0005

I didn’t know OH has wind mills.  DSC_0003 We stopped at the Fly J in Beaverdam, OH.  Fuel was $3.86 and the beast got 6.5 MPG probably due to that bio-diesel.

The Escapees had several rallies here over the years.DSC_0008

Small town USADSC_0010

Well over 150 miles of small roads in IN and OH today.DSC_0011

We got to Camebridge, OH and about 8:30 PM.  The Cracker Barrel had one space that we would fit and it was taken.  So, just up the road was a Tractor Supply with a Denny’s next to it.  No problem what so ever.DSC_0013 DSC_0015 

We went to bed about 10 PM. 

See ya………