Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Last Day In Livingston

A lot of “thing’s” to do and I have a list and checking it twice.  Carol too.  Get the mobile ready to lock up, load the Razor in the truck, car in the shed, disconnect the RV (except electric) and get it ready-basically clean the windshield at this point, pick up the mail at Escapees, mail important stuff at the local post office and try to get a haircut during this.

The mobile is ready and locked.DSC_0029

The Razor is loaded and ready.DSC_0026 

I decided to go with the tail gate partially up.DSC_0032

The barn is ready…DSC_0027

So the Mariner goes in.DSC_0028I called GEICO and told them the car would be in storage.  It now has comprehensive for $37.50 for six months.  We call them when we return and they reinstate the full coverage.

I removed the windshield cover and cleaned the windshield inside and out.  Electric hook up only now.DSC_0030  

We went and got our mail…a bill…

The ladder went back on the ladder.. we must be a full timer because that’s where they carry their ladders, right.DSC_0033

So, we are ready…..missions accomplished except for the haircut.  I was at the barber’s at 7:30 AM but he had too many people.  They open at 6:30 AM.  I will get one in Nappanee. They got an old time barber shop there.

So, see ya…………