Sunday, May 6, 2012

Packing For The Motel

Newmar will put us up in a motel for a couple of nights while they replace our roof.  That means we have to decide what to take with us.  Clothes, food and a cat along with the everything else that we can carry.  We can’t take everything of value to us but we will try.  The problem is that we give up the Beast at 6 AM Monday and don’t get into the motel until after 12 noon.  You think there could be some adjustment here but there isn’t.  Been there done that or at least tried before.  Our vehicle of the past was a four door with plenty of room.  Not a regular cab pick up with a chance of rain.  Interesting…..

I met other people who were here for warranty work also.  When they saw our license plate “RVSCOL” they asked why.  I mentioned the RV Driving School and they all knew of it and even a couple recognized me from the Escapees and the RV Driving School.  That felt pretty good.

I was getting ready to unload the Razor when this couple came running up to me.  They wanted to video me unloading the razor.  I said sure and it was successful.  I want to leave the Razor here at Newmar while we are at the motel and running around.

It was a pretty quiet day and a NASCAR race day.  Light rain at sunset ended the day.

See ya……..