Friday, May 18, 2012

Wash Time

Here I go for those that want to know.  If your not into washing RVs you might as well stop here.

Here’s what I used this time…I put a hand mitt on the bristle brush with a long extending pole, a real lamb’s mitt, McGuire's car wash soap, distilled vinegar,  Jet Dri dishwasher rinse and a garden feeder container.DSC_0001

I put the Jet Dri in the garden feeder and hooked it to the hose.  I put the vinegar and McGuire's soap in the bucket.  Then I washed the Beast.  This was the second time I tried the Jet Dri.  I used it with very hard water and it sucked.  This time the water was medium hard and it did fair at most.  I will use it until I run out then not anymore.  It just didn’t work for me for some reason that I ain’t gonna try to figure out.  I do thank the person for the idea.  If it works for you great.  The lamb’s wool mitt sucked too.  It gets way to heavy to work with and it takes a lot of soapy water with it.  There went $27 bucks.  The hand mitt over the bristle brush worked OK.  I’m trying to get away from using a bristle brush on the paint.  I might have to go to a commercial janitorial supply business and see what they got.  I need a new pole too.

I cleaned the wheels and sprayed the tires so the Beast is not looking to bad.  Carol said she would do the windows some day.

We went to the commissary at Ft Meade.  Their meat prices are very good along with the veggies.  Just about everything else is on the high side.  They only sell name brands.  I guess it’s back to Wal-Mart and the Great Value brand.

Carol’s bro tried to get us a bushel of Maryland Blue Crabs for the weekend but struck out.  We cook them ourselves.  Maybe next weekend but that’s Memorial Day Weekend.  We will see.

See ya.