Saturday, May 5, 2012

How Early?

We pulled out of Kmart about 7 AM.  We woke up and got up.  We knew there was a Cracker Barrel just down the road.  We went in and had our $11.66 breakfast including two coffees to go.  Plus another $3 bucks for a tip.  Then back on the road and they were all back roads now.

We had about 140 miles to go today.  It looked like it was gonna bust out raining at any time.  There is still a sun isn’t there?  We arrived before lunch and there were plenty of spaces (50 AMP FHU) available.  We picked this site because it was a pull thru.  We’re in the middle.  The neighbors were very friendly.DSC_0003 Newmar is right across from Amish Acres.DSC_0002

Remember I said that last fuel I got had 5-20% Biodiesel.  Well, the Beast doesn’t not like it one bit.  My instruments say I’m getting just above 6 MPG.  I will add some additive at the next fuel stop to boost the power up a little bit.  No more Biodiesel unless it’s cheap to make up the fuel mileage difference.  It ran fine just the mileage drop was too great for the price.

NASCAR Race time . . . . . . . .

See ya…………..