Saturday, May 19, 2012

Heat Pumps A Pumping

I was up at 5 AM this morning finishing up and getting the blog out.  This is pretty normal for me.

Last night we turned on one of the three heat pumps.   The sucker wouldn’t turn off.  We then tried all of them.  None of the three would turn off.  When the temp was gained the heat would shut off but the blower fan would continue to run. We just turned them all off and went to bed.  This morning I tried the electric hydro hot furnace with no problems.  I guess when Newmar did the roof they did something to effect the heat pumps.  It’s probably something simple since it’s all three doing the same thing.  I will give them a call Monday and see if they can advise me what to do.  I already gave the heat sensors and the thermostat a rap.

I think Carol & I will go out for an early lunch of crab cakes.  This is Maryland and that is what Marylanders eat – Blue Crabs.  We know a local bloody bucket bar that serves up a pretty good crab cake.  At least they did last year.

ALASKA… I did some figuring yesterday.  Our 2011 Alaska trip fuel ran about $4,700 for the 7,200 miles, 3 month trip.  That means it cost about .65 cents a mile for us.  Remember I was only getting about 6.4 MPG.  The last 5 fill ups the Beast has been averaging 6.9 MPG.  Not the best by far but just better. Fuel in Alberta 2011 figured up to be $4.54 a gallon, Yukon $5.25 and Alaska $4.75.  I did not get fuel in British Columbia.  Fuel was higher there and with my large fuel tank I was able to pass on by.  Right now diesel fuel in Anchorage is about $4.59 a gallon.  Fuel in Montana and Wyoming is cheaper right now than last year this exact time.  Why is it more expensive this year every where else?  What’s up with that?  If we had the money we would have gone to Alaska again this year.  Oh well, we will try to wait until 2014.

Heat Pump Update - Oh, I just played with the thermostat and found that the Newmar workers had set the fan on HIGH (continuous) and not automatic for the 3 heat pumps. I knew they tested all the electric equipment after doing the roof work.  Carol & I did too before we left.  Been there and done that before where we didn’t check the work (Tiffin).  We learned a quick lesson of not trusting repair guys especially at the factories.  I changed the thermostat back to the original automatic setting for each heat pump and they all work fine now. I knew it was something simple or at least hoping…..duh…..

Lunch.  This is by far the best crab cake we have ever had.  With tax it was $29 for two people. DSC_0001

This is where we had it in Elkridge.  Try it, you won’t be disappointed. The place has been here for decades.DSC_0002

Afterwards we went to local flea market.  It wasn’t a good one.  The little businesses were stocked pile with junk.  It reminded me of Mexico.DSC_0004

Think I will just set back and slowly digest the crab cake.

See ya…..