Monday, May 7, 2012

Do What!

We have to stay in a motel for 4 nights!DSC_0003


It started to rain about 4 AM and it poured down.  We hadn’t put anything in the truck and it was still pouring when we got out of bed at 5 AM.  We waited until 5:30 to start loading the truck and I got pretty soaked.  Everything had to go in the cab since it was raining.  Then I had to move the Razor ATV since it was setting in front of the Beast.  Newmar knocked on our door at 6 AM and needed to take the Beast for a new lid.

We went and had breakfast at a nearby restaurant.  Then we walked around an indoor flea market.  We went back to Newmar and talked about getting our motel room.  First they said that we would have to pay but they reconsidered and got reservations for us at nearby Amish Inn.  They got us a room for 4 nights but said we couldn’t check in until after 3 PM.  We went to the motel (11 PM) and they let us check in early.  It’s a clean room with no frig or microwave like we had in the past during warranty work.  Oh well.  The cat is adjusting very quick.

I asked Newmar if I could see the RV without the roof and they said OK, but it would be later today (1st day).

No phone call.

We went and got Chinese to go.  If was fair.  It was a quiet and boring night.  The rain has stopped and I will probably wash the truck tomorrow.

We've been reading other blogs of friends and thus feel like we are missing out on some gatherings.  Our turn will come.

See ya…………